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One bold move and raw style had Daisha Putman pushing the limits professionally and personally. Leaving behind a career in Information Technology in 1995 and enrolling in Grabber School of Hair Design, (May 1995) Daisha audaciously fulfilled her passion for the art of hair precision and design. Upon completion of cosmetology school, Daisha’s budding career began in a local hair salon. After two fruitful years, Daisha became an artist in Christopher Stevens the Salon, where she is under the guru of Hair Designer and salon owner, Christopher Stevens. Daisha’s fortitude to succeed has impelled her to intensely progress within the industry by allowing her creativity to flourish and make a statement. Daisha continues to make bold moves in her career by staying abreast of the latest trends, hair care products, and design within the industry of cosmetology. Daisha endeavors to be on the cutting edge of design by persistently pursuing advanced classes focusing on hair coloring, precision cutting, natural hair care, and weave techniques to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. In Daisha’s 5 years of experience, she has built a clientele that is loyal to the sanctuary of beauty; thus, Daisha believes that her commitment and passion speaks to her success.

Daisha has turned her chair into an Atelier, where women come and serve as the canvas, and Daisha is the artist-bringing their personal beauty to fruition.

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