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An accomplished salon and shop owner since 1994, Steve has a talent for helping people to shine one treatment at a time.  He began his client service career in 1991 barbering and has had the pleasure of having such clients as Nelly and Chingy.  Having a deep-rooted love for the hair industry he naturally transitioned into hair styling in 2005.

Being born and bread in St. Louis allows Steve the ability to keep his pulse on the new and edgy Midwest trends as well as the traditional trademarks of international beauty.  He has attended Vidal Sassoon Advanced Trainings in Los Angeles, California as well as the esteemed Vidal Sassoon Cutting School in London, England.  Nationally he has trained with Freddie J, Patrick Bradley and Donnal Chung.  He currently travels the country as a Specialist Educator with Design Essentials.  He continues to focus on strengthening and promoting strong, healthy, natural hair.  He has a demonstrated knack for creating classic to visually dynamic styles.  Steve’s strength lies in his ability to fine tune hair color and haircuts to a client’s unique personality and lifestyle.

His commitment to providing his clients and fellow stylist with the latest techniques and trends is shown in his co-creating of Gateway to Diversity with Carvonne White.  Steve remains one of St. Louis’ most passionate and talented hair stylist.  His desire to see every client look and feel his or her best is only matched with his talent to make it happen.

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